[vc_row][vc_column width= »2/3″][vc_column_text]Golfe SaroniqueTHE GULF OF AEGINA, The starting point is Athens for a magnificent tour of the Saronic Islands: Aegina, Poros, Angistri, Hydra and many more, all offering shelter from strong winds. The Saronic Route is recommended for the smoothest sailing, especially in July-August to avoid the strong winds of the Cyclades. In the area, you’ll find ancient temples, Byzantine castles, sandy beaches, small fishing ports, harbors and deserts, along with some true surprises.

WEATHER: Here, the Meltemi (the North wind, which can become strong in July-August) is not as strong or regular as in the Cyclades and Dodecanese, rarely exceeding force 5, the peninsulas of Methana and Poros being the most sheltered in these conditions.



THE CYCLADES, sailing from bases in Athens or directly from Paros, in the heart of the Cyclades. This part of Greece consists of many islands, and is undoubtedly the most touristic and picturesque area, with its white houses, windmills, and beautiful beaches… the 14 day route is suggested, especially if departing from Athens.

WEATHER: the prevailing wind in the summer is the Meltemi, a north wind blowing from June onwards, and which can reach force 5/6 or even 7/8 in July-August when it strengthens, decreasing in intensity by late September.



THE SPORADES, the base is in Skiathos, for exploring this large northern part of Greece. From this side of the country, greenery dominates the landscape. You’ll find the islands of Skopelos, Alonissos and Pelagos all with delightful quiet and sheltered anchorages. In this area, peace and tranquility reign — the medieval monasteries of Mount Athos, the holy land of Greek Orthodoxy, completely separate from the modern world, are to be found here.

WEATHER. Excellent conditions for a quiet sailing. The Meltemi blows much less strongly here than in the south.



THE DODECANESE, two bases, at Rhodes and Kos, to the east of Greece. Among the many islands along the Turkish coast, are some of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

WEATHER. During the summer, the prevailing wind is the Meltemi, which can blow as strong as in the Cyclades (force 6/8). In spring and fall, the wind is from the South-East, force 2-4.



Mer ionienne

THE IONIAN SEA, two bases to start from in a group of seven islands, the largest being Corfu, with its cosmopolitan character. These islands have been occupied in turn by the Venetians, the French and the English, giving them a completely different character from the rest of Greece. The lush island vegetation contrasts with the arid coast of Albania and the Greek mainland. It is also possible to sail from the Lefkas peninsula.

WEATHER: in this region, the weather conditions are extremely favorable for trouble-free sailing, making this area highly recommended for a family vacation, especially in July and August when the winds are much stronger in other areas.


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